NFL London, hell yea!

What is considered utterly fabulous? Well, I believe that depends on the person so to be honest, that’s a question that cannot be answered precisely. However, I do know what I THINK is utterly fabulous. Yep, that’s right. I have a whole entire secret list of utterly fabulous things that are waiting to be discovered or simply put into action for that matter. Throughout the course of this blog I will divulge what I believe to be utterly fabulous ideas and then you can decide whether to implement these ideas into your event or not. You have to admit, this is a pretty catchy pitch right? Keep following up with the world of Thames River Adventures and you’ll snag some pretty cool ideas and if anything, get inspired one way or another. It’s as easy as 1,2,3, a piece of cake, easy wheezy squeezy, simple OK, you get what I’m saying.

Today on my secret list of utter fab ideas is wait for it American Football in London! Pretty fab idea right?!  It brings out a pizazz and flair to London. It adds colour, life, and a vibrancy to an otherwise dull list of sports.

When the NFL came to London

As the people were chanting and cheering I was scanning the stadium. Thanks to my new favourite clothing outfitters – WisemanClothing I was now @ the super bowl event in London looking all around me, checking out the different types of people that had come together for one cause; to enjoy the sights, the smells, and the all around atmosphere of participating in a live NFL event.

To my right I spotted a group yelling and raising their fists in anticipation of either team scoring a touchdown. To be honest, they looked a little scary to me. No. I’m lying. They looked reeeeeally scary to me. There was so much going on all around. Some people were fighting and arguing, some laughing, and some indulging in the ever famous garlic fries featured at the Stadium. It was chaos I tell you. PURE CHAOS!

As I quietly sat in my designated seat observing the variety of scenes being played out before my eyes, I spotted a couple amongst the chaos. They were content in there own little world. They were in love. And right before my eyes I watched a story play out, a love story.

He was wrapping the blanket a little tighter around her as the crisp London breeze blew through. She was snuggling her face on his chest with a look of pure bliss in her eyes. They sat that way for awhile. Laughing, cuddling, and simply enjoying life. At that moment I saw it. It was a small object glistening as in his fingertips as he turned to look her straight in the eyes. What was said at the moment, I will never know. But what it looked like was, I loved you in the past. I’m in love with you now, and I will love for eternity. Marry me Or something utterly romantic like that. They were smiling, kissing, and drinking in the moment of what had just happened. In that mere moment they both had made a commitment to love each other through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, and through the chaos of life.

No matter what is going on in this world, I will remember to love the one I’m with and uplift him in all that I do. Yes, life throws us curve balls and we find ourselves busy with the everyday things of life, however, I will not let life take away the love I had when I first met Nestor. We were crazy in love as kids and we are still just as crazy in love 9 years later.

Think back to when you first fell in love and hold on tight to it. Don’t let the chaos stop you.