Nigel Farage and a trip down the Thames

The EU referendum for most was a simple question of remain or leave. In the future when my grandchildren ask me what I was doing the day of the EU referendum, I will tell them I was sailing down the Thames in cruise boats with Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof.

This comical escapade culminated with a hundred people atop Tower Bridge singing ‘Rule Britannia.’ To say it was an unbelievable day would be an understatement. Just as Geldof flicked V signs across at our boats, largely due to the fact that we were accompanied by Mr Farage, we couldn’t help but marvel at the situation we found ourselves in.

This was the last push for the UKip leader on the road to the EU referendum. And we all know how that played out and we now find ourselves outside of the EU (well in the not so distant future.)

Sailing down the Thames

The idea behind the stunt was that Mr Farage would sail down the Thames alongside a plethora of anti-EU support in the form of fishermen. The vessel in which Mr Farage was completing this journey was incredibly easy to spot, it was something about the red, blue and white balloons, large splash advertisement from a payday lender named ‘Simple Payday’ all of which was accompanied by union jacks adorned across the ship – which was for me the real giveaway.

brexitI boarded the ship alongside numerous Ukip campaigners and of course half a dozen journalists. As we braced ourselves for what we considered to be nothing more than a folly, we quickly realised we had company in the form of a pleasure cruiser packed with pro-EU campaigners. This boat also had aboard one Sir Bob Geldof.

And so it began, for every anti-EU slogan now shouted from our boats one would return with a pro message from theirs. This carried on all the way to Parliament where the trip was planned to end.

bob geldofStep in Sir Bob

From out of nowhere the shouts of “You’re a fraud! You’re a fraud! You’re no fisherman’s friend!” Came booming from across the seas. Every journalist’s disbelief turned to hilarity when the person behind the megaphone was revealed to be none other than Bob Geldof. After we had regained our composure and collected ourselves within Mr Geldof’s presence, one couldn’t help but smile at the ridiculousness of the situation we found ourselves in. Here we were aboard a river cruise on the Thames, Nigel Farage to my right enjoying a few light ales, and to my left Bob Geldof on another cruise boat shouting obscenities at us as we made our way down the river.

The trip continues

This exchanging of ideas continued for the rest of the journey. At one point I did ask Mr Farage what he thought of Geldof’s views, his reply was to simply label him as an “ignorant multimillionaire.”

So me with drink in one hand and Nigel Farage to my right I continued to survey the ensuing scene, which was one of complete and utter madness might I add.

We eventually made it to the destination of Parliament and there were no casualties at sea. We all know how Brexit turned out and whatever your view we can all agree that the voice of the country has been heard.