Thames Valley see hate crime increase since Brexit

Thames Valley police are reporting an increase in hate crime in the region following last week’s Brexit result

As I reported on previously, with my folly down the Thames with Mr Farage and Sir Bob, the vote to leave the EU was received with a mixture of shock and surprise by many in the city’s but those outside seemed to have seen it coming.

The new figures released by Thames Valley police last week show an increase by 44% on the same week last year. Now this could be coincidence or it could be related, however, the force did divulge that the number of crimes with a specific reference to the EU referendum vote were very small.

Are we really a nation of bigots?

The fear of many who ‘voted to stay’ in the EU referendum was that England would be labelled as going backwards. This was echoed by big-name supporters who saw the decision to leave as archaic and not in the interest of growth.

brexit cartoonHowever, what this group of people failed to realise (probably because they live in the city or an area too expensive to bear the brunt of immigration) is that the amount of immigrants living in this country has shot up in the last several years from around the 30% mark to well over 50%.

This has meant those living in small villages and towns that had an influx of migrants have suffered losses in terms of the services available in the immediate area. There were some reports of local schools who had seen an increase in student administrations of almost 30% in the last few years, while others saw waiting times in surgeries and healthcare facilities double. Is clear that those living in these areas would not have been happy about the decrease in services such as; dentists, schools, vets and any other government funded resources.

Commercial industry goes other way

Many of the small towns and villages also reported that new shops were opening catering for the new migrant population, which they were mostly unhappy about. Polish delicatessens and even payday loans aimed at these groups sprung up around the towns and villages where the migrants had settled.

Well you would think this would be a benefit to the community as a whole, as you are increasing the amount shops in the area to cater for the increase in people, however, local residents saw it a different way as they felt the shops, restaurants and places of business were not aimed towards them and therefore were of little benefit.

Hate crime, where’s the love?

It is still unknown what the true extent of Brexit will mean to those now living in this country and calling the UK home but the Thames Valley police are resolute about tackling hate crime in the communities around the Thames.

Chief Inspector Roberts told us earlier today that she would ask for anyone that has been a victim of a hate crime or witnessed such a crime please come forward by calling 101 or by reporting it through the hate crime network.